Getting started with payments in Attend is fairly easy.  First things first, select the payment gateway to hook up your merchant account - Account Settings > Payment Settings.

After payment credentials are saved, go to Forms > Payments and enable payments for the form by selecting the payment gateway from the dropdown.  

Click back to the Build section of the Form and setup Registration Types (i.e., tickets) under #3 Event Registration.  

Best Practices for tickets and capturing payment:

  1. Always update the "inventory" for Registration Types.  Registration Types are "tickets" in Attend, and you always need some tickets to sell, so the inventory is an important step.  Inventory and Registration Limit will talk to each other, so if Inventory is set to 0, the entire event will be sold out.  
  2. The first time payments are being collecting, create a $1 ticket (or use Promo Codes - Forms > Payments > Promo Codes) to create a discount code for a test ticket.  Go through the entire form registration, completing payment to ensure that registrations go through and that the money is filtering to the appropriate merchant account.


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