Marketo Integration - FAQs

Statuses aren't updating in Marketo. Why?
We follow Marketo's "progression steps," moving guests from invited, to registered, to attended. While these steps can be updated in Attend, Marketo does not sync changes which move backwards in the progression steps. If a guest is marked as Invited in Attend, yet marked as Registered in Marketo, Marketo will sync Registered to Attend.

Any Status changes that need to move a guest backwards, from Checked in to Registered, or Registered to Invited, should be completed in Marketo. The change will sync to Attend during the next automated sync, or when manually synced in Attend.

Is there an option to batch information, instead of live sync?
Marketo does a live sync. There is not an option to batch information. When Attend pulls information from Marketo, we sync 100 registrants per hour, to limit our impact on your Market account's API calls.

I enabled the sync with Marketo on a past event, but nothing is syncing to Marketo. Why?
Marketo syncs only live information. If no information changes after setting up the sync, no information will be pushed to Marketo.

I enabled the sync with Marketo on an event, but nothing is syncing. Why?
Ensure your Marketo campaign is activated and has a "Campaign is Requested" trigger set up with a source of "Web Service API." 

Can I sync notes from the iOS app to Marketo instead of Salesforce?
Notes taken with the iOS app do not sync to Marketo.

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