Master Check-in for multiple events

If you are hosting a conference or multi-activity type event, the Attend platform has a Master Check-in option available from the web dashboard only.  It's important to note that this functionality is only available on the web dashboard, and therefore requires a consistent/strong internet connection.  Additionally, the web dashboard doesn't offer printing capabilities.  You are only able to print name tags using one of the Attend native applications.  


To start, make sure you have an event plan with more than one event (all events will need to be in the one event plan):


While you are in the event plan, click over to the On-site tab and choose Master Check-in:

This will bring you to the web check-in where you can type in a name which will search all Attendee Lists from all events within the plan:

Once you select the attendee you want to check-in, you'll see any events that they are currently registered for.  Additionally, you will have the option to add them as a registrant to any of the events within that event plan:



To check a registrant into a specific event, you can toggle their Status to check-in, OR you have the option of checking them into all of the events:

If you choose "Check in all registrations", that Attendee will be checked into each event they are registered for.  If you are only checking someone in for Breakout Session C, for example, and planning to check them in for the others later, you can simply toggle the Status for that particular session to Checked In and click Done.


As soon as you check an Attendee into their event(s), you can search the list for someone else.  



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