Adding Users to your Attend Account

Attend account users with Admin User Group status are able to add additional users to your account.  When you login to Attend, if you are an Admin, you will see Active Users under Account settings:


To add a user, click the click the green "Add User" button.  All users require a First and Last Name, and an active email address.  You will also need to set the User Group:

Attend provides 3 out-of-the-box User Groups:

1.  Admin - Full access to the Attend platform and able to add and manage users.

2.  User - Full access to the Attend platform.

3.  Sales User - iOS only access.  Note:  this will only allow users to access the iOS application (iPad and iPhone), and only displays and establishes access to the Playblook functionality that is part of the Enterprise pack.

You are also able to establish new User Groups specific to your account under User Groups.  Adding a new User Group enables you to name it and add specific users then or later.  You can also disable and enable certain features in Attend:

After saving new User Groups, you are able to edit them and re-adjust the permissions going forward.  It will also be an option when adding new users to your account going forward.


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