Check-In Check list

 Purchase supplies for name tag printing.  

If you are planning to print wirelessly via our iPad/iPhone app and a wireless printer, we highly recommend purchasing a dedicated mobile hotspot as well.  This is the one we use at Attend. 

 Download the Attend application you are using for checkin:

 If you haven't used Attend to collect RSVPs/Registration:

  • Sync your list from your integrated Marketing Automation platform, or Salesforce
  • Upload your list via a CSV. file into you Event's Attendee List (Event Plan > Event > Attendees).  Note, the 1st 3 columns in your spreadsheet must be First Name, Last Name and Email, in that order.  You can include any other columns (no limit) that are needed.

 Set up your name tag template in the Name Tag section of Attend:

  • Select the Check-in App you're using.  Note, you name tag printing can only be done with one of the Attend check-in applications, and you can only select/use one application type per event.
  • Choose the paper you are using
  • Choose your name tag layout.
  • Map the Fields as they appear on the name tag mock up to a corresponding Attend field.  Click on each Field to select the custom field in Attend that you want to print on the name tag.  To add additional custom fields, click into the green Settings tab and click into Custom Fields.
  • Note, logos on the name tag will print in black and white, so we recommend uploading and using a black scale logo for best printing results.  Additionally, stacked logos work better if you want it to print in the corner.

Note, if you have the application open and you have clicked into the event prior to setting up or making edits to your name tag template, you will need to refresh the app.  On the events page in the app, click the Refresh button in the top right hand corner, or simply pull down on the events screen in the iOS app. 

 Set up your name tag printer:

  Test printing:

Wireless via iPad/iPhone

  • Once your printer is on the wireless network, make sure your iPhone and iPad are on the same network.
  • Open the Attend app on your device and login with your user credentials
  • After logging in, tap the Attend logo in the top left corner to expand the Navigation bar
  • Tap into Printer settings and wait for your available printers to load
  • When the Brother printer shows up, make sure the circle to the right is tapped to green
  • Tap back into the navigation bar and click into Events
  • Tap into your event that you want to test printing on
  • Tap on someones Check-in box to check them into the event.  At this point, the name tag should print.

Wired printing via the Windows or Mac applications

  • Once your printer driver is installed and your printer is showing as a printer on your computer, open the Attend app on your laptop
  • Login with your user credentials
  • After logging in, you will be in the Event screen of the app.  All of your events will show 0 attendees (meaning that no data has been synced to the app yet).
  • Click the event name of the event you are using for check in
  • Click into printer settings in the app (top left in the tool bar)
  • Select the printer that you are using for printing
  • Click on someones Registered box
  • At this point, a name tag should start to print.  It's not printing?  Look at our troubleshooting guides for Mac and Windows.  
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