Update! Attend is joining forces with Event Farm

What changes can I expect to the Attend product immediately?

You should expect to see no changes to the Attend product immediately. There are imminent features on the roadmap (like our Act-On integration) that you can expect to see in the coming months.


What’s the mission of the combined company?

One of the key reasons that this acquisition made sense is that Event Farm and Attend are aligned on their vision of events’ purposes in business today--that events should be attributable, should show ROI, and should receive the credit they deserve for being a major channel to move the needle for revenue; events are not (or should not be) cost centers. That mission will continue to be on the forefront of our minds and will continue to drive us forward.


Will my pricing change?

The Attend product pricing will not change at this time. Your contract and contract pricing will continue to be honored throughout the term. In the next few months, we will communicate more thoroughly about the direction of the combined product and additional functionality that will become available.


If I need support, where do I go?

Your customer success manager.  If you do not know who your customer success manager is, please email Melissa Talbot ( or our main support email (


Why is Attend being acquired?

As mentioned, when Event Farm and Attend met to discuss possible alignment of values and product, we found that together we could make a much stronger impact than apart. Therefore, it made sense to pull the teams and products into one rather than to potentially compete in the future. As a result, we’ll be able to better serve all areas of our customers’ organizations to ensure that the business of offline remains an integral part of the marketing strategy and it is served by the best marketing technology and software.


Will anything change with my current Attend contract or Attend’s security documentation?

Nothing will change with your current contract during the contract term. If your contract is up for renewal in the next few months, we will be in touch soon to ensure that you’re getting the features that provide the most value and talk about additional options for the future.


Where can I find more information on Event Farm and the product functionality?  

Visit the Event Farm website at There, you can learn about the software that’s been used by some of the world’s most innovative brands to power their offline experiences--from before event, to during the event, to after the event.


Can I receive product updates as they are released?

Absolutely. We now have an even larger product marketing team which will mean that we will communicate product and feature updates as they happen.


We’ve requested feature enhancements to the Attend platform, what happens to that feedback?

You may not see that feature enhancement in the Attend platform but those requests will absolutely be taken into consideration and help guide the path for the combined Event Farm and Attend platforms.


What can I expect going forward with the combined company?

In the near future, nothing will change (besides potentially your customer success manager). As we enter 2017, you will receive more updates on how the platforms and products will be integrated to provide your organization with the best practices and best-in-breed functionality to power all of your events, large and small.  Should have questions on the Event Farm platform and how functionality available on that platform can benefit your events, please reach out to your customer success manager.  

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