What is Playbook?

Marketers spend a lot of time and money to put on a great event. Sales works hard to get the right people to show up. Unfortunately, most events are full of missed opportunities, where key prospects or customers never engage with a representative from your company.

Enter Playbook from Attend. Playbook centralizes all of your customer intelligence in an easy to use mobile app that is designed for engagement at events. Every member of your team gets their own Playbook view that includes the people they’re responsible for engaging with at each event. It also enables users to track conversations and push notes and follow-up actions back into Salesforce in real-time. It’s an event app designed for Sales.


For Sales:

  • Create an event engagement plan by assigning owners to each attendee
  • Arrive at your events with a list of prospects/customers you own or have been assigned
  • Get notifications when your Customers and Prospects arrive
  • Manage your time by easily tracking who you’ve engaged with and who’s left in your Playbook list
  • Simplify follow-up with conversation notes and tasks that sync with Salesforce


For Marketing:

  • Create an engagement plan to better prepare your sales team for your events
  • Automatically notify the right people when attendees check in
  • Track engagement with attendees at events to measure sales effectiveness
  • Enable timely, contextual followup to drive higher conversion from events
  • Measure revenue influenced and sourced from your events to prove ROI


*Playbook is available to Attend Enterprise customers.

Contact your Attend admin to get access to Playbook or go to to request a demo today


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