iOS app - Getting Started Guide for Sales (with Salesforce)

Getting set up

Download the Attend Mobile App on your iPhone.

Allow for Push Notifications & sign in with your Attend Account.

Connect to Salesforce

Click the cloud on the top right of your screen and sign into Salesforce. It will turn blue when you’re connected.

Review your Playbook

To see your Playbook select your event then click the checkmark in the top left and select “Playbook”.

The Leads and Contacts you own in Salesforce will be automatically assigned to you. You can add other Attendees to your Playbook by Favoriting them. Your event organizer may assign other people to you to make sure all Attendees are covered. 

During the Event

See your Attendees arrive

You will receive a push notifications as your Attendees check-in.

You can see the Attendee’s profile - their picture, LinkedIn & Twitter, along with information collected upon registration.

Capture Event Conversations

Taking a “Note” will log a completed Salesforce activity and give you the option to set a follow up task.  By swiping right on the Attendee in your Playbook, you can mark the Attendee as “Engaged” to track who you connected with.





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