Wireless Printing Information and Set-up

You are able to print wirelessly using the Attend iOS apps - iPhone and iPad - and an Attend supported wireless Brother printer (Brother QL-710W and QL-720NW).  

Wireless printing information

In order to utilize wireless printing, both the printer and device must be connected to the same WiFi.  Please note:

  • Wireless printing is completely dependent on a consistent wireless network connection.  We always recommend using a mobile hotspot (not a personal mobile hotspot from an iPad or iPhone!) as it provides dedicated wireless across multiple devices.
  • We highly recommend using a mobile hotspot, not a personal mobile hotspot from an iPad or iPhone.  Not only does a mobile hotspot provide dedicated wireless access across multiple devices, but it also allows you to configure the printer on the wireless network in advance of an event and it will always be paired to that network.  We don't have a recommended mobile hotspot, however, we at Attend have purchased and use Verizon Jetpacks.


Setting up your printer on a wireless network

*You will need a laptop/computer, your printer with USB cable and power cord.  If you have multiple printers, you will need to configure them all on the wireless network.  Note, this takes about 5-10 minutes per printer.

  • Go to on a laptop or computer.
  • Click Downloads
  • Search for your printer by Model Name (either QL-710W or QL-720NW)
  • Select your OS Family and OS Version 
  • Click Search
  • On the Downloads page, select Wireless Device Setup Wizard (under Utilities)
  • Select Agree to the EULA and Download
  • A .dmg file will download with the setup wizard.  Open that file.
  • Run the wizard.  Note, you will need to power on the printer and will need the printer's USB cord.  Additionally, you will be prompted to input the wireless network password.

Once the setup wizard is complete, your printer will be on the designated network.  To test:

  1. Make sure your iPad/iPhone is on the designated network.
  2. Pull up the Attend app and login
  3. Click into your Event 
  4. Tap the Attend Logo in the upper left hand corner to expand the side bar.
  5. Click into Printer Setup
  6. The app will look for printers and if the printer is setup on the network and powered on, that printer will be detected and checked off for use.  
  7. Go back to your Attendee list by tapping the Attend Logo
  8. Tap to check in a guest.  Bam! The name tag will print.  (if it doesn't, please refer to our troubleshooting guides -- if you don't have a name tag layout set-up in your account, name tags will not print :) womp, womp)


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