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Landing Pages are the front page for your event, giving your guests a high level overview of the details and logistics of the event. Our new Landing Page builder allows you to customize the look and feel of the page to match your event theme. Prominent registration CTAs drive guests right to your registration pages to maximize conversion and therefore attendance at your event!

To turn on a Landing Page for your event, navigate to the "Forms" section and click on the "New Form" button. Once you save the form you will be taken right to the "Build" page where you can turn Landing Pages on or off. Landing Pages are off by default for existing forms, but you can turn them on at any time from the "Build" page.


This is where you enter the title of your event, such as "ACME Corp. Customer Dinner," along with the time and location that you want to display at the top of the page. You can also choose whether you want the text to appear as light or dark to ensure it shows up clearly on your hero image. Note, your text color selection will also apply to the "Register" button which shows just below the location text in the header.

Tip: If your hero image (discussed below) includes the text you want to appear at the top of the Landing Page, you should leave these fields blank. 


If you want to include your logo, you can select and upload an image that will appear at the top center of the page. If your image has a transparent background, we recommend using a PNG file for best results.

Hero Image

A hero image is the background image that fills the top portion of the landing page. It appears behind your logo (if you have one), page title, time and location display, and a register button. For best results (and for faster loading pages), we recommend using a JPG image with dimensions of 1280 x 500px.


Enter details for your event in the description section. An abundance of customization options lets you make this section your own. Insert images, tables, bulleted lists, even source code if you have a developer friend handy!


Enter your event's location in the Map section to generate a Google Maps insert on your Landing Page. What good is hosting an awesome event if nobody is able to find you, right?

You can also add more specific time and location details which will appear next to the maps view on the page. 

Share This Event

Everyone loves hashtags, especially for events! Enter your event hashtag here to have it show towards the bottom of the form. 

Want to have social sharing icons show on this page? You can turn these on in the "Form Settings" section by checking the "Enable social media sharing" checkbox.


Just like the "description" you can use this section to add additional details about your event. 

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