Reporting on Notes logged from an Attend Event

Using Attend to log notes is beneficially to both sales and marketing teams, here we'll show you how to build a report to display all of the notes that were logged so you can easily digest them. 
All notes are logged with the task type you selected at the Attend Account level with the subject line "Notes: [Attend Event Name]" (ex: "Notes: Attend Eventhacker Tour Boston")
We recommend that your Attend Event Name and your Salesforce Campaign Name are identical. That way you can use your Campaign name and create an auto-generated report that can live on the campaign, we'll walk you through how to set that up here. 
You can build a one-off report but we recommend making a Custom Campaign Link so you don't need to make a new report for every event and the notes are accessible to the entire team easily. 
Creating your report
  • Create a “Tasks & Events” report
  • Show all Completed Tasks for the Current Fiscal Year (CFY) so that the report won't take so long to run 
  • Filters to save the report one-off
    • "Subject" equals "Notes: [YOUR ATTEND EVENT NAME]"
    • "Activity type" equals whatever you have selected on an event level. 
  • Filters to save the report as a template for a custom campaign link
    • “Subject ‘contains’” and leave the field blank.
    • "Subject" starts with "Notes:"
    • "Activity type" equals whatever you have selected on an event level. 
  • Carry over whatever fields make sense for you so you can see the information you care about. For our reports, we carry over Assigned, Contact, Lead, Title, Company, Full Comments. 
  • Save your report, ex. “Notes from Event”
To learn how to add this report as a custom campaign link -- go to this article
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