Importing into Attend

Once you’ve connected to Salesforce, you’re ready to start importing Salesforce Leads and Contacts into either an Attend Contact List or directly into an Attend Event's Attendee List.

We’ll pull all of the Campaign Members, Leads and Contacts from the Campaign you select. So, in advance of proceeding with an import, please make sure you create a campaign and pull all of the right folks into it.

Getting to the Import Screen

  1. To import into a Contact List, navigate to that list, and select "Import... from Salesforce".
  2. To import into an Event Attendee List, navigate to that event, and select the "Import" tab, and click "Import Now" next to the Salesforce option.

Import Configuration

  1. If you haven't already connected, you will be prompted to log into Salesforce first (for detailed instructions, you can review the Connecting To Salesforce instructions, starting at step 3). You'll be directed to the Salesforce import screen.
  2. Start by selecting the Salesforce Campaign that you’d like to sync with Attend.
    If you don’t see your campaign in our list, make sure it’s still active in Salesforce.
  3. Next, you’ll have to choose the fields that you want to import for Leads and Contacts. You don’t need to set up both if you don’t support Leads and Contacts, so just leave the one you don’t need as is.
    It’s important to know that we require First Name, Last Name and Email Address, so they’re already mapped for you out of the gate.

    We also require Company as part of the Lead Field Mappings because it's required in Salesforce.
  4. Create any additional mappings that you would like to use by clicking the “Add Mapping” button below each eld mapping section. You can delete mappings by clicking the “x” next to each mapping row.
  • When importing into a contact list, you can only map to Attend Contact fields.
  • When importing into an event attendee list, you can only map to Attend Event fields, but we will automatically create corresponding Contact fields for you during the import!
  • Contact List Import Only: Have a Salesforce field that doesn’t have a corresponding Attend Contact field? No problem, you can create it on the fly! Select the “<Add New>” option in the Attend mapping dropdown. This will pop-up a window and allow you to create your new contact field and map to it right away. 
  • Now that everything has been mapped, it's time to import! Click the “Import” button located at the bottom of the screen.
    You will be able to watch the progress of your import in the window that pops up. Once the Import is completed, we’ll display a quick summary of the process. When you click OK, we will send you back to your source list to view the results of your import.

    We have some more good news too! The next time you do an import from Salesforce, we’ll load up the last field mapping you used so that you don’t have to do it all over again!
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