Troubleshooting Guide: iOS apps (iPhone and iPad)

Pro tip:  If you are planning to print name tags wirelessly using the Attend iPad or iPhone app, we highly recommend investing in a mobile hotspot (e.g., Verizon MiFi).  Hotspots can be more affordable than purchasing a wireless plan at an event venue and guarantee dedicated wireless access at the event which is needed when printing name tags.  


Problem:  How do I find the printer in the app?  It’s not displaying.


  • The iPad/iPhone will need to be connected to the same network as the printer.  To ensure the printer is hooked up to the network, run the Wireless Device Set-up Wizard.  You will need any wireless network passwords to set this up properly.  In some cases, you will need to work with IT (if using a school or company wireless connection).


Problem:  Name tags are printing, but they are printing blank


  • Have you selected the Fields in the name tag section of the dashboard to print one of your custom fields?  If you changed the name tag template recently, you’ll need to click on each of the Fields and choose what you’d like them to display.
  • Do you have the correct check-in app selected in the Name tag section of your Attend Dashboard?  
  • Have you recently changed your name tag layout with the app already open? (Including the changes above)  Make sure to refresh your event.  You’ll want to do this on the Events page of the app (the first page you hit after logging in).


Problem:  The wrong the number of guests is displaying when I sync my guest list, OR custom fields are missing from guests’ records.


  • Go back to your events page and swipe left on the event name.  You will see the option to Clear List.  This will clear the guest list on the app and allow you to re-sync the list by clicking back into the event.  
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