What's new in Contacts 2.0

The first iteration of our Contacts module was simple. It was designed to allow you to create lists of contacts to invite people to your events. With this update, we now de-duplicate each Contact down to a single record. This change is exciting as it provides the foundation to build out additional features, including showing event history at the Contact level. Additionally, this release includes a complete redesign of the Contacts section of Attend.

Updated navigation and side menu

The new side menu provides quick access to search for Contacts, access your Contact Lists, and update your settings.

Contact Profile view

You can view and edit an individual Contact's information from the Contact Profile view.


Contact Lists view

Jump quickly from your "All Contacts" view to your lists, where you can create and manage lists of Contacts. This allows you to create segmented groups of contacts that you can email and invite to your events.


Contact List actions

Quick access to Contact List actions allows you to easily Import a CSV list of Contacts, Export a list of Contacts to a CSV, remove Contacts from a list, and Delete a list.


Contact Field Settings

The Contact Field Settings window allows you to manage the fields that you want to display on your Contact Profile view. First Name, Last Name, and Email are required fields. All other fields are custom and can easily be added or deleted. Please note that these changes are global and will be applied to all of your contacts. 

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