Customizing Your Emails


Attend allows you to edit the format of your mass emails. Using a rich text editor, header and footer images, and editing the sender information will help market your events. 

Editing Sender Info

Send emails, as yourself! You can add your email address and name to appear as the sender when you launch mass emails. You can also edit the subject of the email as it will appears in your guests' inboxes.

NOTE: The emails will populate from the users that are on your Attend account.

Customizing the Email Body

You have several options when creating the content of your email. The rich text editor allows you to customize what a guest sees, and includes the ability to:

  • Align text
  • Edit font type, size, style, etc.
  • Insert images
  • Link to external pages
  • Add tables
  • Access the source code to make direct edits to the HTML for those who are code savvy.

If you’ve included First and Last names within your contact lists, you can add additional personalization to the email by having Attend automatically insert the first or last name of the person you are sending the email to.

Uploading Header and Footer Images

You can further customize your email by adding header & footer images on the style page.

Keep in mind that you need to have either a PNG or JPG file, and the max dimensions are 800 by 400 pixels.

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