Getting started with a multi-event form


Multi-event forms allows your guests to register for several events at a time. They are ideal for hosting an event series, such as:

  • Employee training seminars with several dates to choose from.
  • Accepted student days spanning three weekends where students only need to attend one event.

NOTE: If you are hosting a larger event such as a multi-day conference or reunion weekend, check out Attend's sub-event forms.

Creating a Multi-Event Registration Form 

The first step to create a multi-event registration form is very similar to creating single-event forms, just make sure to select one of the events in the event series you are planning.

In Section 3 of the form build page, you will need to add the rest of the events in your series. Your form will automatically switch to a multi-event form after you have added additional events.

NOTE: Primary and Sub-events cannot be added to a Multi-Event form.

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