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Now you’re ready to get started using the app! The Attend Mobile app is designed to provide all members of your event team an up-to-date view of how your event in progressing. That starts with the pre-event invitation and registration process.

Whether you use Attend or another product to invite people to your events, there’s no better way to drive attendance than a person-to-person interaction. Attend Mobile provides real-time visibility for Sales and Customer Success teams to stay on top of who has registered for your events, so they can reach out as appropriate to connect with important guests or nudge the ones that need a gentle reminder to register.

Let’s get going. Navigate to the event you want to check on in the Attend Mobile app. Depending on the size of your attendee list, it might take a short time for the event to load. Once your event has loaded, you should see a list of Attendees.

To find a specific guest, you can use the Search feature. You have the ability to search by name and profile information. You can also tag attendees as “Favorites,” and filter a guest list by your individual favorites. This is a great way to slim down the list, which will give you your own customized view of the event.

You can also add Hidden Fields to your event. This will allow you to display information about your guests in the app that they won’t see. To configure Hidden Fields go to the Event Settings page on the Attend dashboard, select the field(s) you’d like to hide and select “no” from the drop down next to “Visible during registration.” This will hide the fields during the registration process but still allow you to view the information from the app. This information may come from a CSV that you’ve uploaded or from Salesforce if you’ve synced with your CRM.

The rest is up to you! If there’s someone that hasn’t registered yet, reach out to give them a friendly reminder. For those that have already registered, this is a great time to schedule face time at the event.

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