Printer Driver Installation

Once you have your Printer you will need to download the printer drivers onto any laptop you plan to use for name badge printing. 

  • Make sure your printer is plugged into a power source
  • The green light above the Power button should be on.  If you see a second green light on over the smaller button next to power, hold down the button until the light turns off.
  • Login to your Attend account
  • Go to Downloads > Printer Drivers
  • Depending on the type of Brother printer you’ve purchased, select Download from Brother
  • This will bring up page on the Brother website.
  • Select the type of laptop you have -- i.e., Windows, Mac
  • Select your laptops Operating System (OS).  To find this:
    • Mac: click the Apple icon in the top left toolbar > About this Mac
    • Windows: click the Start button > Computer
  • Click Search > Printer Driver
  • Click Agree and Download.  A file should start downloading.
  • Browse your computer and select to unzip the file in a location you can easily access, like your desktop.
  • Unzip all files and then close that box
  • Find the file on your computer - it will typically have a long name with multiple letters and numbers.
  • Open that folder and click D_Setup
  • This should open a wizard.
  • Ensure that the USB cord for the printer is not attached to your laptop.
  • Walk through the steps of the wizard.  The final step should be to connect the USB to your laptop and ensure it’s on.
  • To ensure your printer is successfully installed, if you go to Printers and Devices/Scanners, your Brother Printer should show as an option under Printers (not as a Device).
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