Creating a survey


Surveys allow you to get direct feedback from our guests about their event experience. Attend's survey capability allows you to gather the good, the bad, and the ugly information for you to improve your event through a simple questionnaire. You can either send out a Pre or Post-Event Survey via email.

Setting up your survey

To get started, you will need to choose the event that the survey pertains to. An email list will be created to include everyone who has signed up for your event.

Building out questions

Fill out your question text. You can set up different response types depending on the information you are hoping to collect.

Response types include:

  • Small text field - for simple, one sentence answers.
  • Large text field - to account for longer, more detailed responses
  • Dropdown menu - give guest a pick list of all responses.
  • Checkboxes - allow guests to select multiple responses (EG "check all that apply")

You can make a question required. Guests won't be able to submit it without filling out all required questions.

NOTE: The event logo will appear on the survey page, you can change the logo under the event settings.

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