Using the Attend Oracle | Eloqua App

Log in to Eloqua, and go to Orchestration → Campaigns and select "Create a Multi-Step Campaign.



In the left-hand menu, click on Audience, Decisions, or Actions to reveal the Attend Event Feeder, Status Decision, and Create or Update Attendee Action.



Drag any one of these onto the Campaign Canvas to use as a step in your Campaign.




Using the Event Feeder

Feeders are used to create segments which are populated with contacts from an external system. In this case, it’s Attend!

To configure the feeder, double-click on it and click on the pencil icon on the right-hand side.


Choose your Event and the Status of Attendees you want to bring into your Eloqua Campaign. When the Campaign is activated, anyone who is associated with that Event in Attend will enter your Campaign if they match the selected Status.



Using Status Decisions

This decision step is used to further segment your Eloqua Contacts based on their Attendee Status in a particular Event in Attend.

To configure, choose your Event and the Status of Attendees you want to make a decision off of. When an Eloqua Contact enters this step, Attend will check to see if that person is associated with the Event, and if the person matches the status(es) you selected they will be sent down the ‘Yes’ path. Otherwise they will continue down the ‘No’ path.



Using the Create or Update Attendee Action

This Action step is used to send Eloqua Contacts to a specific Event in Attend.

To configure, choose your Attend Event, and the status you’d like these Contacts to have once in Attend. Once your Campaign is activated, any contacts that enter this step will flow into that Event in Attend.












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