Adding your Attend Logged Tasks report to your Campaign

Now that you have your Report template to show your Attend notes, here we'll walk through how to build a Custom Link on your Salesforce Campaign. This removes the need to build a report to show your notes for each event. Using this will allow you to create one report, create the link, and the notes for that particular event will populate based on the Campaign. 


Create a custom Link and add it to your Campaign Page Layout

  • Go to “Setup” → “Customize” → “Campaigns” → “Buttons, Links, and Actions” → “New Button or Link”
  • Name the link “Notes from Event”
  • Display type = “Detail Page Link”, Display in New Window
  • In the body add /REPORT LINK?pv0={!Campaign.Name}

Where to find report link:

Sample final formula:

Add the Link your Campaign Page Layout 

Setup --> Build --> Campaigns --> Campaign Page Layout

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