Customizing a Multi-Event Form


Multi-event registration forms have a few more options and settings than standard single-event forms. The main differences will be highlighted in this article so you can design the best registration experience for your guests. 

Primary Attendee Information

Multi-event fields allow you to ask guests for information upfront, before they select the events they would like to register for. These fields are similar to event custom fields and will apply to any events you have added to the form.

NOTE: These fields will be hidden when a guest selects an event to register for (since they already filled it out on the first page).

Event Selection

Any event you've added to the form will appear in Section 3 (Event Registration) on the Forms Build page. This is where you will configure all the registration settings for each event, including:

  • Registration Types
  • Custom Fields
  • Event Options

All settings will be specific to that event on the registration form. All events will appear on the second page of the registration page for guests to select their agenda.

Event Limit

Enabling an event limit will allow you restrict how many events a guest can sign up for on a multi-event form (e.g. "Select ONE training seminar you would like attend"). 

Form Rules

When you have configured multi-event fields that have dropdown options, you can set conditional logic to customize your guests' registration options as they sign up for your events.

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