Form Results


The Form Results page is where you will go to view all the orders for a specific form. You can filter and search for specific submissions, see high level stats about registration, and take actions like resending a confirmation email or printing a ticket.

Order List

When viewing the list, you will be able to see:

  • The name of the person who filled out the form
  • Their order confirmation number
  • The time they submitted their order
  • Total number of event registrations included in their order
  • Order status

Filter & Search

Use the filters and search to easily find the order you are looking for as your list grows. You can filter by any event included on that form, the status of the order (RSVP No, Complete, Incomplete) or a combination of the two.

Taking action on an order

Click the order to expand the it, see more information about it, and potentially take a few actions.

When expanded you will be able to see the contact info of the person who made the order, the events they signed up for, registration types selected, and any additional people they signed up.

You will also be able to:

  • Resend the confirmation email
  • Cancel a registration
  • Print a guest's ticket
  • Mark a refund to the order
  • Delete the order (doing so will also delete all registrations, and is only recommended for removing test submissions)



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