Form Information

When a guest lands on your registration page, they are likely going to want more information about the event before they sign up.

This section allows you to add more specific details to display in the hero section of the page, including:

  • Form Title
  • Time Display
  • Description
  • Logo

The form title will display at the top of the registration page, with the time display underneath.

Use the time display to let guests know when the big day is. You have 140 characters to be as specific as you'd like. 

EG: Monday, October 24th, 2017. 1:00PM to 5:30PM, Eastern Standard Team

Adding a form description is your opportunity to make your registration page stand out. The rich text editor allows you to customize what a guest sees, and includes the ability to:

  • Align text
  • Edit font type, size, style etc.
  • Insert images
  • Link to external pages
  • Add tables
  • Access the source code to make direct edits to the HTML for those who are code savvy.

You can also upload a logo to display in the top left of the registration page. Keep in mind that uploaded images will auto-resize, and the max dimensions for a form logo is 250 x 700 pixels.


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