Configuring Your iOS Integration

By now, you should be connected to salesforce already. If you aren't, head back to the API Credentials and complete the steps to Connect to Salesforce. After you've completed those steps, you can continue with the steps below to complete the configuration of some salesforce specific account defaults for iOS integration. Until then, you will only be able to view the current configuration.

  1. First, you'll need to explicitly turn on the Salesforce iOS integration by toggling the option to "On."
  2. Once you've turned on the integration, you must set the following required defaults:
    1. Default Task Type: This is a drop down of all Task Types that currently exist in your Salesforce Account. Select the default value that will be used to create Notes and Follow-up Tasks via the Attend Mobile App. This is a required field.

    2. New Contacts Are Saved As: You may select to automatically create either a Lead or a Contact whenever tasks are added to an attend registrant that doesn't currently exist in salesforce. This is a required field.

  3. Now that all of your iOS Integration defaults are selected, click "Save" to complete the configuration process, and you're ready to go!
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