If your event sells out, Waitlists allow you to continue to collect names of people who want to attend your event if capacity opens up. You will get a list of guests to invite if you decide to allow more registrations at your upcoming event.


Enable a waitlist for your event under Event Options on the Forms Build page.

When an event fully sells out, guests will be able to sign up for the waitlist by providing:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Registration Type (if applicable)*

*If the event requires payment, guests will be asked to do so if you decide to invite them to the event.

When a guest signs up they will receive an email confirming that they have been added to that event's waitlist and that they will be contacted if more registrations are made available.

*Guests can only sign up one person on a waitlist at a time.

Guests will be able to continue to register for events that have not sold out on a multi-event forms.

Viewing Your Waitlists

Each registration form will have a “Waitlists” tab where results can be viewed and registrations can be managed.

As people register, they will be added to the list in the order that they signed up. You can search and filter results by each event on the form and by status of those guests who are on the waitlist.

Managing Your Waitlist

Once guests sign up for an event’s waitlist, you will be able to decide who has access to the sold out event.

Each guest on the waitlist will have a status corresponding to their stage of the registration process.

  • WAITING: Guest has been added to the Waiting List.
  • PENDING: Guest has been sent an email invitation to complete their registration.
  • REGISTERED: Guest has completed their registration (and payment if applicable) and is now on the attendee list.
  • DECLINED: Guest has declined the email invitation.
  • EXPIRED: Guest did not complete their registration within the 24 hour window since they were sent an email invitation.
  • ADDED: Event Organizer manually approved the guest to be put on the attendee list for the event.

Inviting a Guest

Event organizers can send an email invitation with a link to complete their registration and payment process, or decline (if they have made other plans). This is the recommended method if an event requires payment, or requires answers to custom questions. Invited guests will have 24 hours to respond before their invitation link expires.

When a guest decides to complete the registration for the event, they will be brought to the form to fill out the required information and pay (if applicable). Upon completion, they will be added to the attendee list, receive a confirmation email, receipt and tickets (if applicable).

Because the guest is added to the waitlist with one ticket, only one registration will be captured when they register if invited through the waitlist. This is a system behavior, and cannot be changed by the user. If your event allows additional registrations (Form > Build > Event Registration > Event Options), guests invited from the waitlist will be able to register with additional registrations, but only one will appear on Attendees. For this reason, we recommend forms and events utilizing a waitlist set Additional Registrations Allowed to 0, and all guests will register individually.

If a guest decides they no longer want to register for the event, they can decline the invitation.

Adding a Guest

Event organizers can bypass the invitation and manually move a guest from the waitlist to the event’s attendee list by Adding them. Guests will receive a confirmation email w/ their tickets (if configured).

NOTE: Event Organizers will have to collect answers to registration questions and payment (if applicable) a different way, since the guest will not have the chance to complete the registration process. Adding a guest will add their first name, last name, and email address to Attendees. Phone number and any custom questions will not appear on Attendees, and if your event requires this information, you will need to manually enter these details.

Removing a Guest from the Waitlist:

Event organizers can also remove a guest from the waitlist. Doing this will completely delete their position on the list, and their contact info.

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