Registration Types


In Attend, you can create multiple Registration Types to offer difference packages to your guests that offer different level of access to your event. Under the registration types section, you will be able to:

  • Create custom registration types
  • Configure how many additional guest registrations are allowed
  • Set the total registration limit

Creating Registration Types

Attend does not require you to set up a registration type to start accepting RSVPs. However, if you are putting on an event that requires different levels of access you can add custom registration types.

When creating a new registration type, you will need to:

  1. Give it a title (e.g. "VIP Pass", "General Admission", "Alumni").
  2. Set the number of registrations included - Typically this will be set to "1". However, if you are putting on a golf tournament you could set it to "4" to create a Golf Foursome registration type.
  3. Set the inventory - This allows you to define the total amount of people who can select the registration type before it is shown as "sold out".

NOTE: If you have set up a payment integration, you can also set a price for each registration type.

Guest Registration Management

If you are allowing your attendees to bring someone along, you can limit how many guests (or "+1s") they can sign up when registering.

NOTE: You can set it so only first and last name are required for guest registrations.

Registration Limit

Have limited space at the venue? Setting your registration limit will shut down registration as soon as that number of people have signed up.

This cap will override any remaining registration type inventory so you don't over-sell your events.


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