Understanding Event Stats

Within the Stats page in an event you will have the option to toggle between your Registration Stats and Check-in Stats.

Registration Stats

Leading up to an event, the default view will be Registration Stats which will give you the head count for the event as well as a visual representation and breakdown of any dropdown custom fields that you have set up and registrants have selected. From the option of “Save the Image” you may:

  • Print the image

or downloading the file as:

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • SVG vector image

Check-in Stats

During and after the event the default selection will be Check-in Stats1. The Pie Chart will be broken down by:

  • Total Registrations2 - The number of people who have signed up before hand.
  • Total Check-ins3 - The number of people who have signed into the event (including walk-ins).
  • Total Walk-ins4 - The number of non-pre registered people who showed up to the event.
  • Total No-shows5 - The number of people you still expect to show up.

You will also have a similar option to “Save as Image”6.


Any dropdown custom fields1 that you have set up will appear in Pie Charts below the check-in stats. Note: these charts only reflect the demographics of who has checked in so far.

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