Training Registration Links, And Training Videos

Attend offers both live trainings, in a group format, as well as training videos, that can be viewed by any one at any time! This gives the best of both worlds: if you can attend a live training and ask questions, great! If the timing doesn't work out, you can watch a training video, and use our support center to answer questions. Or, submit a request to our support team!

Live trainings and the training videos use cover the same content, in the same order and format. You won't miss anything by watching a video instead of attending a group training!

Please note: Event Farm does not offer one-off, client-specific trainings.

Live group trainings
All times are in the Eastern time zone.

Training videos
Training videos are a great way to refresh your knowledge, or on-board a new person (or yourself!) in a short amount of time, on your own schedule.

Since we began offering group trainings, training videos views have outnumbered registrations for live trainings by about two-to-one. Our users have spoken - they prefer being able to go through training when they have the time. (An interesting statistic: 50% of the users who have watched a training video did so after 5pm their local time.)

We do require registrations for the videos, but don't worry - click a link below, enter your name and email address, and you'll be able to watch the video immediately.

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