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Can I select multiple campaigns for a single event in Attend?
Only one campaign may be selected at a time. After importing or exporting information for a campaign, you may select a different campaign an initiate a sync, feeding in information for multiple campaigns into a single event. When exporting to a campaign, all guests in your event will be exported to each selected campaign.

I'm not seeing Revenue Attribution data or opportunity data in Attend.  Why?
Ensure auto-pull from Salesforce enabled. Go to Integration Settings > Salesforce > Global Settings > Salesforce Lead/Contact Sync, and enable.

When mapping Company as a contact field, there isn't a Company name field populating in Salesforce fields. Why?
Contacts are associated with an Account in Salesforce, rather than a Company. Leads are attached to a Company.

We only have Leads or Contacts in our Salesforce Instance.  Do I have to map information for both?
The Company field is required for Leads, but all other fields are optional. If a field does not need to be mapped, click the X next to the field to delete it.

If I add someone onsite using the iOS app, how will my information sync to Salesforce?
Attend looks to Salesforce for registrant information, and matches based on email. If no corresponding information is found in Salesforce, Attend will create a new Lead. To ensure information syncs with Salesforce, go to Integration Settings > Salesforce > iOS Settings > Salesforce iOS Integration. Be sure to set how new contacts are saved, and the default task type.

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