Managing User Access and Deleting Users

Managing Users:

As an Attend account Admin, you are able to add new users as needed.  Additionally, you are able to manage existing user access.

When adding a new user, an invitation will be sent to their email address.  This invitation needs to be accepted by the user, and they need to establish their password.  

If a user has an updated email, you can edit their email address for them, or if they remember their password, they can login with the old email and do that themselves under Account Settings.

User Passwords can only be established and/or changed by the User.  If someone is unable to login, because they forgot their password, they should follow the steps to reset their password.  That is:  click "Forgot Password?" on the login screen > enter their email address > and follow the instructions in the email.  Users can also reset their password by logging into their user account and adding a new password under Account Settings.

NOTE: User emails can only be used once.  That is, if you have multiple Attend accounts, you will not be able to add "" to all of those accounts.  1 email can only be connected to 1 account.


Deleting Users:

As an Attend account Admin, you are able to remove access to the Attend platform for any existing users (under Active Users, click the X next to their user).  NOTE: deleting users does not impact any events, forms, or actions they've taken in the Attend platform.  It will only remove their access to the platform.

Once you delete a user, you cannot add them back (contact Support if you do need to add someone back that you accidentally delete).  We recommend only deleting users that are leaving your organization.  If you want to restrict access for a period of time, you can reset their User Group, or edit their email to something temporary.  

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