Top 10 support FAQs and Answers

Q: How do I pull a list of all my registrations for an event with the information we collected on a form?

A: We always recommend starting with your Attendee List, and exporting the full Attendee List to see if that gets you what you need.  Your Attendee List contains most of your RSVP details and is some of the most helpful reporting Attend by Event Farm offers.  

You can also pull a Registrations type report and filter by your event for similar details.


Q:  I want a different logo on my name tags.  How do I get that on there?

A: Go to your Event Plan, and click into your Events tab.  In your event tool bar in green, click into Settings > Upload logo.


Q: I set up my form, went to do a test, but my event is showing as sold out.  Why?

A: If you have added Registration Types, go to Build and make sure your inventory is something upwards of 0 (you always need some tickets to sell).  Also, check to make sure your Registration Limit is over 0.  


Q: I'm running a similar event and want to duplicate what I've previously done.  How do I do that?

A: Duplication in Attend by Event Farm is a two step process.  First, make sure you have duplicated your event under the Events tab of your event plan.  You'll need a new event to collect registrations.  Next (second), go to your Forms tab and duplicate your form.  Before saving, make sure to select No to Add All Events.  In the Build section of your new, duplicated form, scroll down to Event Registration #3 and choose to "Add an existing event", selecting your duplicated (new) event from the list.

If "Add All Events" is set to Yes, Event Registration details will copy to the new form, including any Custom Field questions. Changes made to Custom Fields on one form will reflect in the other, and could result in loss of data.


Q: How do I change the "Reply to" in my email to be another email address that's not listed.

A: The "Reply to" email needs to be a user on your account, so you'll want to create that email address as a user.  To do so, you'll need to contact your Attend by Event Farm account admin. Admins on your account can create unlimited additional users directly from the dashboard.


Q: (For Survey users only) I can't see where to add my contact list to my survey?

A: Surveys can only be associated with an event and sent to Registered, Checked In, and/or No Shows from your Attendee List.  Under Surveys > Build > make sure your event is selected from the "Select an event" dropdown.


Q: How do I change the type of my email?  I set it to General, but need it to be a Form Reminder.

A: You can't change the type of email once it's saved.  In Attend by Event Farm, you are able to create reminder type emails that segment contact lists and we don't want there to be any room for error in those cases.  Because of this, you must create a new email in order to change the type.


Q: My name tags are printing blank / My name tags aren't printing and I get an error saying I have to select fields or a template in the dashboard.  I have done that, so why am I getting this?

A: You're name tags will only print blank when you don't have any custom fields selected in your name tag template.  If you template is still displaying "Field 1" "Field 2" "Field 3", etc., you need to click on each field and map it to a custom field.  When you don't do this, you will get an error or you name tags will print blank.


Q: Where do I customize my confirmation email?

A: Under Forms > Publish > #4


Q: I sent out an email and the bottom had Attend's office address.  Can I make that my organizations address and information?

A: Yes.  To do that, go to your Account Settings and click into the Account Defaults tab.  There you will be able to add your Company's information for the email. 




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