HubSpot Integration Set Up

In your Attend account, go to Integrations settings and click on HubSpot.

Enter your Portal ID (also known as Hub ID). This can be found by logging into HubSpot and looking at the top right corner of the navigation.


If this is your first time working with the integration, you will be asked to connect to HubSpot.

This is to set the HubSpot user Attend will use to sync events that happen under all members of the account.

Login and confirm the application (will look similar to below).

You will then get redirected back to Attend. If all go well, you will see a green message indicating that the HubSpot integration is configured and ready to go.

You can then configure mappings on the contact level in the contact field mappings section. These get synced across all of your Attend events. HubSpot is enabled across the account and will sync registrations, checkins and cancellations for all Attend Events into HubSpot automatically. Note that sometimes there may a slight processing delay on HubSpot of a few minutes for the event to appear. This is normal behavior for HubSpot.

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