Troubleshooting the Mac App

Problem:  I’m able to check guests in, but nothing is printing.


  • Is only one green light displaying on the printer?  The green light above the power button should be on, but there is a second green light above the small button to the left of the power button that should not be on.  If it’s on, please hold down that small button until the light turns off.  
  • Are any jobs pending on the printer you’re printing from?  Double click on the printer under the Devices and Printers section of your computer and delete any jobs that are pending.
  • Have you selected the correct Brother printer within the app?  Each time you open the app, you need to select the printer under Printer Settings in the Attend App.
  • Is the printer kicking up an error?  Confirm you are printing on the correct paper type that you selected in the dashboard (sticker DK-2205 or DK-2113; cardstock DKN5224).  Attend only supports specific paper types from Brother.  Try deleting the printer, unplugging it, and readding it by plugging it back in.  Also check to make sure the paper is properly fed through the machine.
  • None of the above fixing the problem?  Please try restarting your computer or call your Customer Success Manager at Attend.


Problem:  Name tags are printing, but they are printing blank


  • Have you selected the Fields in the name tag section of the dashboard to print one of your custom fields?  If you changed the name tag template recently, you’ll need to click on each of the Fields and choose what you’d like them to display.
  • Do you have the correct check-in app selected in the Name tag section of your Attend Dashboard?  
  • Have you recently changed your name tag layout with the app already open?  (Including the changes above)  Make sure to refresh your event.  You’ll want to do this on the Events page of the app (the first page you hit after logging in).

Problem:  The wrong the number of guests is displaying when I sync my guest list, OR custom fields are missing from guests’ records.


  • Go back to your events page and click “Clear Registrations” in the toolbar at the top of your computer.  This will clear the guest list on the app and allow you to re-sync the list by clicking back into the event.  

Problem:  I keep getting an error when trying to login to the app and it won’t let me login.


  • You aren’t connected to the internet.  If you don’t have a strong enough internet connection, you aren’t able to login to the app or sync your guest list.  If you anticipate not having wireless access at an event site, please login to the app prior to arriving onsite and click into the event.  This will sync your guest list and as long as you don’t close the app, you will be able to check guests in at your event, print name tags and collect walk-in data.  NOTE: as soon as the event is over, you will want to get to a wireless connection and sync the event.  You can logout of the app before that, but we recommend syncing online post-event the next day at the latest.

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