Supported Name Tag Printers and Paper

The Attend platform works with the Brother QL-700 series printers, and supported paper types:



Brother QL-700

Brother QL-710W


Brother QL-720NW*

*Supports wireless printing.

These black and white thermal printers never run out of ink.  We recommend having 1 printer per every 100-150 attendees.  A 1:1 pairing (i.e., 1 printer to 1 device) is recommended.



Attend supports 3 paper types to be used with any of the above printers:

  1. Sticker (White) - These stickers can be used as a true peel and stick name tag, or as an easy supplement to a cardstock name tag by slipping them into a badge holder. These print at about a 3x4 size. Each roll holds about 300 name tags.
  2. Sticker (Clear) - These stickers are best used if you have pre-printed badge cards. They print at about a 3x4 size. The rolls vary in size and print anywhere from 100-250 tags depending on the size roll that's purchased.
  3. Cardstock (white) - These cardstock badges print smaller than a standard name tag at about a 2.5x4 size. Cardstock badges are a good option if you are planning to slip these into a pre-printed (with logo) or plain badge holder).





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