Attend Reports

With Attend's Reports, you can instantly view and export any event, registration, form submission, or email data.  Attend provides 6 canned report types:

1. Events - displays Event name, and Registration/Check-in/Walk-in/No Show counts for each event.  Filtering is only available by date range.

2.  Registrations - displays all Registrants, Event name, Check-in status, Registration time, Order Info and Pricing.  Filter is available by date, Events, Forms, and Plans.  Setting the filter allows access to additional information.  For example, setting an Event filter will include custom field information.  

3.  Emails - displays email title, subject, type, time created/sent.  Filtering is available by date and event.

4.  Form Submissions - displays Submitter name, Order/Confirmation #, Registration total, Pricing (if applicable), Status, Submission time/date.  Filter a Form Submissions report by date and form.

5.  Field Changes - displays changes that were made to custom field values on events.  Registrant name, Event, Field Name that was changed, old value and new value information is shown, and date/time the change was made is included.  Filter this report by date and event.

6.  Purchases - displays the most information for reconciling events with your payment merchant.  Information included in this report is Order#, Submission, Event, Name of Registrants, Total Charged, Promo Codes utilized, discounts, donation information and refunds.  Filtering is available by date only.


Note, all reports are set by date filters, so it's important to set the range to include the information you're looking to view.  Additional filters are available on specific reports, so you can condense information by event, plan, series, or form.  



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