Sending Your Survey


Surveys are distributed from Attend via email. You have the ability to customize the email content after selecting the people you'd like to sent it to.

Email Format

You have the ability to customize the "from" address, name, and subject line of a survey email. Subjects must be fewer than 60 characters, including spaces. (Many email systems will reject emails, or consider them spam, if the subject is more than 60 characters, thus the limitation.) You can use the editor to add rich-text to the body of the email. It will also automatically include a "Click here to view the survey" link at the bottom of your email.

As you make edits, you can send a preview email to make sure everything looks good!

NOTE: The email will include the event logo by default, which can be changed under event settings.

Sending Your Survey

From the Publish Page you will have the option to send a preview email with the survey link to do one last check that everything looks good.

When you are ready, "Send your Survey" will launch the email to your recipient list.

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