Updating the Default User

There may come a time when the default user Attend uses to perform the HubSpot sync needs to change. For example, the previous HubSpot user may have left the company and you now need to update their account to a new one.

Updating the default HubSpot user for your Attend account

There are a few options here. If you simply need to update the login credentials to HubSpot you can go into the user connections tab and disconnect.

Then click the connect button and re-authenticate as the new user.

Then you should be all set. Note that there is a ticket in for this and should be applicable by launch.

Updating your accounts default user from another Attend account

If the default HubSpot user is configured under a different Attend account, go to the connections tab and then click on the green connect button for HubSpot.

Authenticate yourself with HubSpot then click on the settings icon. You will then see a button that allows your Attend account and connected HubSpot account to become the default HubSpot account.


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