On-Site Engagement

Once you’re on-site, log into the Attend Mobile app, select your event from the Events List, and choose Playbook from the navigation. You should now see all of the Attendees that are assigned to you. From here, you can familiarize yourself with your Playbook before the event.


Once on-site at your event, here’s how it will work.

  • When one of your Attendees checks in, you’ll receive a push notification via the Attend app and the Attendee’s status will change to “checked in” on their profile.
  • Tap the notification to be brought to the Attendee’s Profile screen. From there you can view their profile picture, which is particularly helpful if you’ve never met them, and quickly peek at their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to get some insights on what they’ve been up to. Do you share any mutual LinkedIn connections? What have they been tweeting about lately?
  • Lastly, when you’re done with the conversation, you can simply swipe right on the attendee in the list to mark them as “Engaged”. You can also take notes on your conversation and create a follow-up task, so you’ll have this context waiting for you in Salesforce to help with follow-up, just as you would do with a call back in the office.


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