CASHNet eMarket Checkout Gateway

How do I set up CASHNet eMarket Checkout Gateway?

  • Contact your account representative to create a Checkout merchant.
  • Paste the checkout URL here in

Entering your Cashnet Item Code in Attend

  • An admin needs to go to Account Settings > Data Settings > Form Unique ID
    • Set to Yes
    • Give it a name, like "Cashnet Item Code"
  • Under Forms > Build > 1. Form Registration, you'll see the name you gave the Form Unique ID (example: "Cashnet Item Code")
  • Enter the itemcode1 value
    • Click outside the text field to save ("Saved" will appear at the top of the page automatically)
  • Select Forms > View > test registration flow. You should be able to enter payment information and complete the registration process.

Getting Item Codes in Cashnet
Item Codes are configured when building a Checkout within Cashnet.

  1. Log in and select Store Setup on the left
  2. Type to search or select your store from the drop-down
  3. Click Item Codes on the left
    • If you’re creating a new store you’ll see a creation screen like this:
    • If you’re editing a store you’ll see a list of codes that have been setup:

      • Select "Select" to edit the Item Code. (Edit allows you to adjust available inventory, but does not allow you to change the Item Code.)

If you have additional questions about your Cashnet account, please contact your Cashnet account representative.

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