Custom Fields


Custom Fields allow you to collect specific information for each registrant, like Company, Job Title, Meal Preference, Favorite Eagles Album, etc.

NOTE: First Name, Last Name, and Email is included on registration forms by default.

When creating new custom fields, you will need to provide:

  1. The name of the field
  2. Required or Optional 
  3. Text or Dropdown

Field Name

You have 255 characters to ask guests about things like dietary restrictions, meal preference, tee shirt size, or even how they found out about your event.

Required v. Optional

If a custom field is set to required, guests will have to fill out a response before they complete their registration. 

NOTE: You can let "+1's" skip required custom fields to make it easier for people registering large groups.

Text or Dropdown

Custom fields can be set as either text, or dropdown. Text fields will let registrants type out their response (e.g. "Company", "Job Title").

If you select Dropdown, you will need to provide the list of options your guests can choose from (e.g. "Meal Preference", "Favorite Eagles Album")

NOTE: If you add "Other" as a dropdown option, guests will be asked to fill out a text field with their response.

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