Reviewing your Event Attendees

The Attendees section within an event is your digital guest list. Here you can view all registrants who signed up for an event on a form, uploaded from a CSV file, or added as individuals. You may also delete registrants, edit registrant information, and add additional guests.

  1. View List: This allows you to view the attendee list for your event and all the information about your registrants.
  2. Upload list: In addition to capturing registration information through Attend registration pages, you have the option to upload registration lists.

Registration lists must be a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file with Column A labelled “First name”, Column B labelled “Last name”, and up to 18 custom fields beyond those. You can create the CSV file yourself or download a template we have created for you. 

You have an option to have your list replace your current attendee list or supplement a pre-existing list.

Once you upload a list Attend will confirm a success upload and tell you how many registrants were added and how many custom fields were added (if applicable).

  1. Add Registration: You will also have the ability to add a one-off registrant. This window will populate any custom fields you created within your event and give you the option to add the registrant to the Attendee list or add them and check them into the event.
  2. Export: If you select the Export button from the Attendee list, all data will be downloaded as a CSV file. This can be used to review your event data as well as used to put data back into your database.
  3. View all fields: You have the ability to collect up to 18 custom fields on the event level within Attend. View all fields allows you to expand your view and preview all custom fields that were captured.
  4. Search: This search bar allows you to search for individual registrants or custom field replies within your Attendee list.
  5. Include guests: If you allow your registrants to add guests, their information will be listed here as well.
  6. Number of guests: This will show the number of guests that a certain registrant has associated with their registration. From here you can also add guests and view guests. For guests, their field will have a “G” for Guest.
  7. Alert: VIP text alerts send a text message to staff when a certain guest checks in. You can set up recipients within your Settings and then select the Alert option on the registrant to activate an alert.
  8. Status: This shows if a guest was registered, checked-in, or checked-out of an event.

Email, Cancel, Delete: From here you have the option to resend a confirmation email, Cancel a registration, or Delete a registration.

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