Enabling Payments


Attend gives you the ability to charge for registration types and accept donations when a guest registers for your event. You will first have to set up a payment integration in your account settings.

When payments are configured, you will be able to select your integration from the dropdown to configure:

  • Prices associated with registration types.
  • Promo codes to distribute to invitees.
  • Donation solicitation.

Promo Codes

When setting up promo codes, you set the code guests can enter to receive a discount on their order (keep in mind that is case sensitive).

You can give several types of discounts:

  • Free: complete discount on an order
  • Percentage: discount based off of a fraction of an order total (e.g. "25% off!)
  • Flat: static discount off an order (e.g. "$5 off your purchase")

You will also have control over the inventory to limit how many times a promo code can be used.

Donation Options

Enabling donations allows registrants to give an additional gift while completing their event registration. You have control over the text displayed and can even set up a list for the registrant to choose what fund they would like to donate to.

TIP: It's generally a best practice to reconcile any payments and donations with your payment processor.

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