Publishing Registration Forms


At this point, it's time to finalize some details before registration goes live. On the publish page, you can:

  • Open the form to start collecting registrations.
  • Customize a short url for the registration page.
  • Access an html iframe to embed into your own webpage.
  • Customize the confirmation email sent to guests after they register.

Publishing a form

You have the ability to manually Open or Close your form. There is also the ability to schedule the form to automatically open or close, allowing you to set registration deadlines.  

In this section, you also can customize the form url for easy distribution. Keep in mind, changing your form link mid-registration will not redirect the old one.

Embedding a form

Building out your own event website? Use the provided iframe to embed your form on one of your pages to collect registrations directly from your website. 

Customizing your Confirmation Email

Guests are automatically sent a confirmation email after registering for your events. The following info is automatically included in the email:

  • A summary of their event agenda.
  • Links to add to Google, iCal, and Outlook calendars.
  • Tickets (if applicable)
  • A receipt if they made a payment or donation.

You have the ability to set the sender email and name, edit the body of the email with a rich-text editor, and even bcc yourself on the emails to get registration notifications in real time!

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