Event Settings Walkthrough

From here you can change the settings on the event level.

  1. The Event Details section allows you to customize your event.
    1. This is the outward facing title of your event.
    2. This the Starting Date and Time of your event.
    3. This is the Ending Date and Time of your Event.
    4. Select the timezone that your event will be held in.
    5. Write out the location of your event.
    6. This will be the description for your event. You can add images, edit HTML, paste text in, and more.

You also have the option to move events to different event plans.

  1. Check in preferences allows you to choose if you would like to allow for walk-ins 1 at your event and to allow for name badge printing2.
  2. Custom Fields are either drop down or text fields that you choose to collect outside of first name or last name. You have a maximum of 18 custom fields. If you find yourself creating the same dropdown custom fields, we’ll go over how to create standard custom field options in your main settings.
  3. Label your custom field
  4. Type: Choose between dropdown or text field. You may have as many dropdown options as you like. Also, if you choose dropdown, you will have the option to add this result to charts so you can see your registrant and, ultimately, attendee information broken down by pie chart on your Stats page.
  5. Required: Select “yes” or “no” to determine if a registrant must complete this.
  6. Visible during check-in: Choose whether this field should show up as someone check-ins.
  7. Visible during registration: Choose whether this field will show up during registration. This allows you to attach ID numbers to registrants if you are uploading Contact Lists so you can ultimately export your event information and put that data into your database while matching constituent ID numbers
  8. Upload logo - You will have the option to select an event logo which will populate on your registration page, name tags, and check-in page. Your image must be a PNG or JPG and must not be larger than 2 MB.

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