Unsubscribe Email Handling and Email FAQs

All emails (Preview/Test, Confirmations, Form Invitation, Reminder and General) that are sent via Attend include a link to unsubscribe.  Attend manages all unsubscribes through it's email provider, SparkPost.  If you, or a member of your team, are not receiving emails from Attend suddenly, it's likely that you've selected to unsubscribe. 

Requests to be taken off the unsubscribe list should be made to you Customer Support, and should include your email address which has been unsubscribed.  Turnaround time for requests is 24-48 business hours.

Email FAQs:

  • Emails are going to people's SPAM folders.  How can I prevent this?  If emails are going to SPAM, it's due to the Email Subject, or the individual's SPAM filters.  If possible, try changing the Email subject to include additional context around the event.   Also, see if adjustments can be made to the SPAM filters.
  • People are saying they aren't receiving emails.  Can we find out why?  Send a request to Support.  Likely, the mail client of the recipient(s) is blocking our emails from coming through.  If they are being sent to 1 organization and everyone is having issues receiving the emails, it's likely that the IT team needs to allow emails through Attend. To do this, share our email IP address - - with your IT team and ask them to whitelist emails sent from Attend.
  • Does Attend show the difference between a Hard and Soft Bounce on the email results?  We currently do not.  If an email is showing as having "Bounced", it's either a bad email, the email was blocked from the recipient's mail client, or they have unsubscribed from Attend emails.
  • A guest unsubscribed from emails.  How do I take them off the list?  We will never remove anyone from the unsubscribed list unless we get a direct or forwarded request from them saying they want to be removed from the list.  Attend is CAN-SPAM compliant.
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