Setting up your Name Badge Preferences


Within an event you have the ability to set up your name tag layout. Your event logo will autopopulate here and you can customize the layout and choose which custom fields you would like to be generated.

  1. Font: You can choose between Arial, Verdana, Jordan, Helvetica.
  2. Printer: Select Brother 700 Series.
  3. Nametag Layout: You have a dozen options to customize the layout of your name tag. You can choose the orientation of your logo, how many custom fields you would like, and the size of certain fields (for example, First name can be above last name and be larger). If you have selected an option that includes custom fields, you simply click the field and select which custom field you would like to populate.
  4. Show Logo?: If you have a logo on your name tag, you can toggle your logo on or off with this option.
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